Here are some links and resources that we’ve found helpful as we start up our farming venture.

Farm Resources

My favorite online small farming resource – Tiny Farm Blog.  It has very helpful comment threads and a killer reference page.

Web Resources

When Nick was setting up this website, it took a lot of research just to figure out the infrastructure. That in mind, here’s what we wound up using – just in case anyone else out there needs a nudge down the development path like we did.

We use as our domain registrar. Prices are fair, no complaints about service, and they don’t try to bloat your order.

We took Frank Chu‘s recommendation and went with Laughing Squid for our web hosting. We like that they’re a small company with great customer service. They focus on smaller blogs and sites.

We (or at least Nick) debated for a long time about what to use as a development platform. Eventually WordPress won out over RapidWeaver, for two reasons. (1) We decided to have the blog as the front page, and WP seems better for blogging. (2) We’re looking into getting a Windows or Linux desktop, which would preclude the continued use of RapidWeaver, as it is Mac only. Favicon courtesy of