First thing’s first: chickens are crazy awesome. We’re having a hard time understanding why people almost universally gave up back yard chickens between the 1940’s and today. They are fun to watch, and they make two of nature’s most delicious proteins: eggs and chicken. Because of the crazy-go-nuts regulations regarding selling eggs off-site, we won’t really be selling eggs this year.

Chickens and coop
The chickens, before getting free ranged


Part of what makes the chickens so awesome is watching their different personalities. We ordered a mixed rare breed package of chicks. We’ll be updating this page as we confirm the breeds of each chick. For now, we’re pretty sure we’ve got at least one each of these:

  1. White-laced Red Cornish
  2. Americanas (green eggs!)
  3. Modern game birds (ie: scrawny little birds that are pretty entertaining)
  4. White-crested Black Polish
  5. Golden Polish
  6. Silver-penciled Rock
  7. Sumatra
  8. Black and White Langshans
  9. Partridge Cochin
  10. Cuckoo Maran (or possibly Barred Rock)

We’ll update this page with more photos and links. Specific info you’d like to see? Ask for it in the comments or check out our blog posts about chickens.

2 thoughts on “Chickens”

  1. Hi Nick and Ali,

    Love the website. Why not post some photos of your multi-colored eggs? Haven’t seen green ones. Am reading about E.B. White and his ambivalent feelings on having farm animal “friends” and then killing them (of course, this would be more intense w/ pigs than chickens, I think). Good luck, Rosaire


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rosaire! The eggs should start coming in the next few weeks. The chickens are just getting to laying age, so we haven’t had any quite yet.

      Don’t worry, as soon as the eggs get here, we’ll have plenty of pictures up!


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