Mulching Away

Melons and mulch
Pulling out the artillery in the battle to suppress errant grass

You may recall a few posts ago, when we were struggling with what to do about the grass that kept popping up, little terrorist sleeper cells in our battle for agricultural freedom </hyperbole>. Well, we’re hoping part of the answer will be mulch. In the photo above, you can see straw laid out over some of the melons. One row is just straw, another is straw and wet newspaper, and another is no mulch at all. It’s a little experiment to see what works best, tho we admit our control group is a little non-existent since each row is also a different type of melon.

Peppers Mulched
Peppers Mulched

We’re also trying grass clippings as a mulch. In the pic above, you can see it in action on the pepper plants. Besides keeping weeds out and moisture in, we’re also curious to see if any residual nutrients in the grass clippings will leech down to the peppers.

If you’ve got mulching experience and have any sage words of wisdom, feel free to comment!


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