First plant!
Well, we did it! I think we can officially call ourselves farmers now that we’ve got the first plants of our first season (finally!) in the ground.  The incredibly wet weather has held us up quite a bit, but we’re finally rolling.  The good news (if you want to look at it that way) is that almost all of the other farmers in our area are in the same soggy boat. With that first plant comes our first blog post (backfill posts also coming).

Above, Allie’s planting that first plant (a tomato).  It was a relief to get it in the ground, but it also made us realize how far we’ve got to go.  There are about 206 other tomato plants to get in the ground, not to mention the eggplants, peppers, and onions that are ready to go, along with all of the seeds that are getting planted directly. Whew!  Look out for a more exhaustive list of all of our planned veggies in the coming days.

As we roll along, please feel free to comment! If you’ve got questions or want more info about anything we’re doing, just ask. Think we can work the blog posts in a better way? Holler at us. And if you think we’re rocking out pretty hard as-is, feel free to say that, too.  Note that if the blog prompts you for your email address when you sign up to comment, it’s only so that we don’t get bots auto-posting.  We’ll never use your info for anything illicit (or benevolent, really) unless you ask us to.

One more picture to see you off with. Plenty more at our Flickr stream, which you can reach by clicking either of the pictures. Thanks, and enjoy the blog!
Third Root at Third Root


One thought on “Planted!”

  1. Really enjoyed reading your posts. I am a neighbor of your grandma Lillian. I was talking to your Uncle John today, he gave me your web site. Good Luck to you with your farm. Nothing like hands in the earth. I love gardening (no veggies, just flowers). My favorite time is Spring, I can’t wait to see the perennials come up. I go outside several times a day early in March for a look. It doesn’t make sense, but I do it. Hope to try some of your fresh produce sometime.


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